I'm a printmaker from the great state of Michigan.  I learned how to print fifteen years ago as an undergrad at Central Michigan University. I switched my major and have been in love ever since.  Printmaking is a magical and error-prone practice that I never grow tired of-- screen printing is my favorite but I also have experience in relief, intaglio, lithography and letterpress.  

I founded All Things Grow in 2008 and have since designed, printed and sold thousands of prints based on the intersection of nature, folk design, and vintage style illustration. I am drawn to the way printmaking democratizes original work and makes it accessible and simple to collect and share.  I sell prints through retail partnersthe online shop and at indie art & craft fairs.  In 2010 I co-founded one such fair in my quirky little town called DIYpsi.  We host around 75 regional vendors twice each year for a crowd of loyal local shoppers.  

I work in a basement studio under my home near Ypsilanti's Depot Town District with assistance from a woodworker husband, a handful of neighbors, and a cuddly cat.  

I'm available for custom projects, teaching opportunities and wholesale partnerships.  Just email me at hello@marcydavy.com.